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[15/12/2014]: H.E Ms. Alice G. Wells the US Ambassador to Jordan paid a visit to Jordan Institute of Diplomacy (JID) where she was received by Dr. Omar Rifai Director of JID. Dr. Rifai briefed the Ambassador on the Institute and what it does, and both discussed future areas of academic cooperation. [details]
[10/12/2014]: As part of their visit to Jordan, a military delegation from Bahrain visited Jordan Institute of Diplomacy (JID). At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Amani Jarrar, Director of Training & Education Department at JID welcomed the delegation and explained JID's activities, tasks, offered programs and Institute's role in qualifying the Jordanian diplomats; she also answered questions raised by the members of delegation. The meeting was attended by Ms. Rania Al Omari, Head of Public Relations and Media Section at JID where she briefed the delegation on JID's history and establishment. At the end of the visit they were accompanied by Ms. Al Omari on a tour in the institute. [details]
[2/12/2014]: Jordan Institute of Diplomacy (JID) organized a competitive test for a number of employees from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply. The candidate is expected to be posted as the Director of the Trade Center in Taiwan.
[1/12/2014]: Dr. Omar Rifai, Director of Jordan Institute of Diplomacy (JID) welcomed in his office a delegation from the Republic of Korea headed by H.E. Ha Tae-yun the President of the National Institute of International Education at the National Diplomatic Academy of Korea/ Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs where both sides discussed aspects of enhancing mutual cooperation. During the meeting, Dr. Omar Rifai gave a description about the history as well as the nature of JID's tasks and offered programs. Also H.E. Ha Tae-yun described his Institute's work and noted that there are many areas in common between the two institutes. A suggested MOU between JID and the National Institute of International Education presented by H.E. Ha Tae-yun to the Director of JID in order to be revised for signing. The meeting was attended by Dr. Amani Jarrar Director of Training & Education Department and Ms. Ruba Zinati Senior Researcher and Head of International Cooperation Section.





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1. Vol.2 No.2 March-June 2011 ( PDF file)

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