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[04/10/2014]: Within his visit to the region, Mr. Staffan de Mistura the New Special Envoy of the ongoing conflict in Syria visited the Jordan Institute of Diplomacy, where he met with Dr. Omar Rifai, Director of the JID and a number of former Ministers, Ambassadors and Researchers. Mr. de Minstura spoke about his vision of the situation in Syria and its impact on the region, then floor was open for discussion between the audience and the Special Envoy. Mr. de Minsturs replaces the hugely respected Lakhdar L Brahimi, who resigned in May 2014. [details]
[13/10/2014]: The second meeting of the Council of the Institute convened on Monday, October 13, 20114. The meeting was headed by H.E. Mr. Naser Judeh, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates in the presence of the Council members. The Council discussed a number of topics related to the activities of the Institute. It is worth mentioning that the JID Council includes: Dr. Lana Mamkeg, Minister of Culture, Dr. Samir Mutawi, Former Minister of Information, Mrs. Hala lattouf, Former Minister of Social Development, Former Ambassador Mohammad Al khalidi, Former Ambassador Ahmad al Hasan, Mr. Ahmad Armoush form the private sector in addition to Dr. Omar Rifai, Director of the JID. [details]
Pardee RAND Graduate School Learn more about the Pardee RAND Graduate School Ph.D. in Policy Analysis [details]
[14-30/09/2014]: The Jordan Institute of Diplomacy organized a training course for four senior diplomats working at the Foreign Ministry in the Comoros, the program included lectures on various topics such as International Relations , Strategic Studies, International Negotiation Skills and Human Rights. The program also included a visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates in addition to tours in the ancient city of Petra , the Citadel of Amman and the Roman Amphitheater. At the end of the program, Dr. Omar Rifai, director of the Institute handed certificates to the participants. [details]





The Jordanian Diplomat: The JID continues to publish this periodical in cooperation with the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a public information and education instrument in addition to its role in providing an opportunity for the discussion of major internal as well as external issues of interest to the country.
1. Vol.2 No.2 March-June 2011 ( PDF file)

Opinions and Research Series 10: The Impact of Higher Education on the Development of Community and Society, H.R.H. Prince El-Hassan Bin Talal.

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Opinions and Research Series 8: China's Road to Development and its Prospects, Ambassador Mei Zhaorong. Language: English

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